The Logan Police Department Patrol Bureau consists of uniformed officers in marked patrol cars that are responsible for responding to any situation requiring police intervention or assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, within the city limits of Logan. The Patrol Bureau consist of three shifts that are responsible for taking immediate enforcement action as appropriate when violations of law are observed or can otherwise be established. They provide emergency or non-emergency response and assistance to citizens when necessary to ensure public safety. Duties include observing and enforcing motor vehicle laws, investigating vehicle accidents, responding to dispatched calls for service, initiating offense and incident reports and conducting investigations of criminal complaints. The Patrol Bureau personnel are highly visible in the community, whether on patrol in a cruiser, on a bicycle, or conducting walking patrols. They serve a crucial role in observing, detecting, and preventing crimes, accidents, and illegal activities throughout the city.

  • 1st Shift: 6 am – 2 pm:
    • Ptl. J. Garrett
    • Ptl. R. Culbertson
    • Ptl. C. Stump
    • Ptl. M. Hall
  • 2nd Shift:  2 pm – 10 pm:
    • Lt. S. Woodgeard
    • Ptl. D. Alford
    • Ptl. K. Arnett
    • Ptl. L. Barclay
  • 3rd Shift:  10 pm – 6 am:
    • Lt. T. Byram
    • Ptl. E. Burchfield
    • Ptl. T. Woodgeard
    • Ptl. A. Gang

School Resource Officers

The Department continues to serve the Logan Elementary, Middle and High Schools with School Resource Officers. The relationships between police, faculty, and students result in mutual respect and cooperation.  Police and School officials are proud of the interaction and relationships between the administrators, students, staff, and police.  Patrolmen Smith, Campbell, and Baker spearhead the Community Relations programs throughout the community and school district.

  • Ptl. C. Smith
  • Ptl. D. Campbell
  • Ptl. D. Baker