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Emergency responses to incidents at homes and business can easily be delayed if the house numbers are not visible to those who respond. Chief Mellinger suggests that every home and business have numbers that are reflective and easy to read from the roadway that can speed up the arrival of emergency responders. In addition to being visible, Chief Mellinger states that too many times vehicles block the numbers, brush or trees are overgrown, or the porch light is not working and the numbers are not seen.

Chief Mellinger reminds residents that during any emergency, whether a heart attack or a Domestic Violence incident or even someone breaking into a home, precious minutes can be lost if the responders cannot read your house numbers.

Winter Safety

With the arrival of winter, we ask everyone to be aware of their surroundings throughout the winter months.  Residents are encouraged to continue their vigilance of strangers in their neighborhood and call us if you feel someone is out of place.  A quick check by a patrol officer can ensure no criminal activity is taking place and deter criminals from coming into the neighborhood.

The winter season also means there will be children running about, sledding, and generally enjoying their childhood.  Please be especially attentive as you drive about.  Parents: Please caution your children to look both ways before entering a road or street.

Parents are also reminded to monitor your children's activity on their computer over the winter.  Many children spend hours on their computers in social networks and/or chat rooms.  Caution must be used in this area as predators use these avenues to make contact with our children.  Talk with your children about the dangers of interacting with strangers on the internet.  A person who portrays himself to be a 12-year-old may actually be a 40-year-old criminal.  Please be careful. 

Identity Theft Alert

Identity theft is rising. Many times, professional thieves use false pretenses to obtain personal information from you. The Logan Police Department wants the community to know what to do in the event this happens.

Never give any information over the phone or the internet unless you are ABSOLUTELY sure that the company or organization is legitimate and you have dealt with them before. This includes phone numbers, because many times the phone call to you has been random number punching.Your Social Security number belongs to you and should NEVER be given, except to Police when you have face to face contact with a police officer. There may be occasions at banks and other places but generally speaking your social security number should be protected.

Recently the Ohio Department of Commerce issued an alert where an organization is using their information to obtain your information. It is not unusual for thieves to use such names as The US Government, The FBI, The Department of Commerce, the local Police and Fire Department, as well as disaster relief services to get money and information from you while lining their own pockets.

If your identity has been stolen or used to make false purchases call the police. We will direct you to the proper authority for mail, international or local help.

You can also stop identity theft by keeping your wallet and purse with you at all times, never leaving them in cars or accessible to anyone except you.

Keeping Your Home Safe

Homes are generally easy targets for crime, there are some steps you should consider. Securing your home should not be a secondary thought but a primary thought! Having a professional risk assessment completed will help you fight against those who enter your home.

Risk assessments can help you determine the type of electronic security services are available in your area as well as providing prevention measures to keep you and your family safe, as well as your property.

Always keep the doors secure if not in use.

Never use hollow type doors. Use doors that are recommended to withstand a few hits with a sledge hammer, making it more difficult for a suspect to enter.

The use of deadbolts with protected strike plates are also great deterrents.

Proper lighting is one of the best crime deterrents we have. Lighting at all doors and driveways can help keep suspects away from your home. But remember, if a light bulb burns out it should be immediately replaced. We highly recommend sensor driven lighting systems.

Alarms and video equipment should work hand in hand. Inexpensive equipment will result in poor quality pictures making positive identification impossible. You get what you pay for.

When video and lighting work together you avoid glare and other distorted images. Be sure to have your risk assessment company check the system at night time when you are away from your home to determine if the system works the way you want it to.