Water Billing Department

Want to pay your water bill online? You have a couple of options. Either pay by BillPay from your Financial Institution, or you can use InvoiceCloud.

If you wish to pay by BillPay, set up the City of Logan as a payee. Be sure to include your account number and your Financial Institution will mail us a check. Once you have set it up in BillPay you do not have to do it again. There is usually no fee, however please check with your Financial Institution, and contact them if you need help setting up.

Just follow this link to go to INVOICECLOUD

This is a third party service which charges a fee of which the city does not profit. If you have used the above and wish to remove your information from InvoiceCloud please contact the Water Department.

Responsibilities of the Water Billing Department:

  • Distribution of water bills and payments.
  • Water meter installation, readings, and city water distribution system.
  • Water management.
  • Waste water management.

Staff Contacts

Water Clerk

10 S. Mulberry Street
Logan, OH 43138
United States

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