Bike and Skating Safety for Kids

Rules To Ride By

  1. No playing in the road.
  2. No riding on busy streets.
  3. No riding in the dark.
  4. Stop for all stop signs.
  5. Ride on the right, WITH TRAFFIC.
  6. Use your own best judgment - do not let friends get you into danger.
  7. Always wear your bike helmet.
  8. Wear your helmet correctly - not too loose and not tipped back on your head.
  9. Use hand signals.
  10. Ride with both hands on the handlebars.
  11. Only one person per bike.
  12. Obey all traffic signs and laws.
  13. Don't wear earphones or earbuds.
  14. Make eye contact with drivers at intersections.
  15. Do not pass on curves where you cannot see ahead.
  16. Signal when passing - ring your bell or say "passing on your left"
  17. No cell phone use or texting while riding.
  18. Ride on trails or multi-use paths wherever possible as a safe alternative to riding on a busy roadway.


When riding on the street, a bicycle is considered a vehicle. Bicyclists should be riding in the same traffic pattern as a car. The same rules apply for a bicycle as a car.  Reflective material, white lights in the front and a red flashing light on the rear of the bike should be used at night.  Ohio law enforcement can write citations to violators, which could cost up to $135 per violation. Lights can be purchased for less!


Skaters should follow the same rules as pedestrians. If the area is unsafe to skate, then skaters should carry their boards. Parking lots and businesses are private property. Many of the businesses do not allow skating on their property. Residential streets may appear to be tempting but are dangerous!

When bicycling or skating, you should always wear a helmet and protective clothing to minimize injuries. Keep in mind that reaction time to move out of the way of a moving vehicle is never fast enough! We strongly discourage running or walking when it is getting dark.