Code Enforcement Department


To protect the health, safety, and welfare of our Community and improve the quality of life in the City of Logan through the adoption and enforcement of City Codes and Ordinances. Commitment, courtesy and professionalism will serve as the guiding principles of the Code Enforcement Department, ensuring that our determination to reduce blight and create a safer Logan is tempered with compassion.

Objectives & Goals

  • To protect the health, safety, and welfare of our citizens and visitors.
  • Create a safer Logan by reducing crime and the risk of fires.
  • Emphasize voluntary compliance through education, followed when necessary by legal action.
  • Strive to perform our duties in a fair, professional, and courteous manner.
  • Increasing property values and facilitate economic development through the reduction of blight.
  • Develop and adopt model codes and ordinances that ensure positive effects on our Community.
  • Maintain a proactive approach to enforcement to help solve community problems and stay at the forefront of creative and effective Code Enforcement.


The foundation of Code Enforcement is the Department’s philosophy in the development of a community oriented, grass roots, customer service style of education and enforcement utilizing all available resources. The Code Enforcement Department strives to fulfill this goal by providing the citizens of Logan with a full range of services and working closely with all community partners. The Department is committed to providing exceptional service and maintaining an excellent “quality of life” for the citizens we serve.

Standard code enforcement process

  1. Complaint Received / Initiated
  2. Complaint logged and assigned report #
  3. Code Enforcement Officer Assigned
  4. Inspection Completed as soon as possible (Complaints are triaged)
  5. If violations are identified action is taken based on circumstances and violator is give a reasonable amount of time to bring property in compliance. (Usually 10 – 90 Days)



Warning Posted


Administrative Citation


Notice of Violation

Civil Action

Criminal Charges

Criminal Action

Repeat Offense –Escalating Charges

Criminal Action

  1. A Re-Inspection is conducted. If violations remain Civil or Criminal Charges Issued.
  2. Nuisance Abatement action may be taken based on circumstances up to and including demolition.
  3. Final results provide a dramatic impact overall on the City of Logan.