Drinking Water Source Protection Area

City of Logan, Hocking County

INTRODUCTION. The map below documents the drinking water source protection area for the City of Logan Public Water Supply System. It does not identify all the current and potential future contaminant sources in and around this area. However, potential sources of contamination in the Logan protection area are numerous and include area businesses, local government facilities and residential properties. It is based on information contained in the August 2003 Drinking Water Source Assessment Report completed for Logan by Ohio EPA.

The protection area for Logan is the area of focus for efforts to protect the source of drinking water. It is based on computer modeling of the five-year time-of-travel area—the area that provides water to the wells within approximately five years. The protection area also includes an inner protection zone representing the area that supplies water to the wells in one year.

SYSTEM DESCRIPTION & GEOLOGY.  The City of Logan operates a community public water supply system that serves approximately 7200 people in the City of Logan and surrounding area.  To do this, Logan operates seven production wells that, together, pump approximately 1.4 million gallons of water per day from a sand and gravel aquifer (water-rich zone) within the Hocking River Buried Valley aquifer system.  The aquifer is covered by less than 10 feet of relatively high permeability material, which provides minimal protection from contamination.

SUSCEPTIBILITY ANALYSIS. The ground water used by the City of Logan has a high susceptibility to contamination because of: 1) the lack of a protective layer of clay overlying the aquifer; 2) the shallow depth (less than 15 feet below ground surface) of the aquifer, and; 3) the presence of significant potential contaminant sources in the protection area.

This susceptibility means that under current conditions, when spillage or improper waste disposal occurs, the likelihood of the aquifer becoming contaminated is relatively high. This likelihood can be minimized by implementing appropriate protective measures.  If you suspect aquifer contamination is occurring within the City of Logan’s source water protection area, please notify the city and/or Ohio EPA as soon as possible using the contact information below:

  • City of Logan Water Treatment Plant: 740-385-5194.
  • City of Logan Water Department Billing Office: 740-385-8393.
  • City of Logan Service Director:  740-385-4060.
  • Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, Logan Office:  740-385-8501
  • Emergency Response Spill Hotline (Open 24 hours a day): 1-800-282-9378